How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Services

Are you craving to know how many jobs are available in consumer services?

If yes, in this post we have discussed everything you need to know about consumer services, including the best-paying jobs in Consumer Services.

How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Services?

There are over 4 million jobs available in consumer services globally, and it's set to increase in the coming years, meanwhile, in United States, there are about 20,000 jobs Opportunities in this career path.

The consumer services career path is a very essential field that offers varieties of job opportunity in different Sectors for Qualified people in such area.

What is Consumer Services Career Path?

Consumer services careers can be broadly categorized into two types: sales and customer service.

Sales professionals are responsible for driving revenue and profit through the sale of goods or services to consumers.

Customer service professionals are typically focused on handling the needs of customers, including complaints, questions, and requests.

In general, a consumer service career can be a great way to help people in your community by providing them with valuable goods or services.

This career path is for those who want to work in the service industry.

The consumer services sector includes industries such as retail, hospitality, tourism and the entertainment industry.

A person that wants to pursue this career path should have an interest in customer service and enjoy interacting with people.

10 Best Company/Industries In Consumer Services

Below are the 10 best consumer services career path.

These companies provide products and services that are used by consumers on a daily basis.

1. Comcast

2. Apple Inc.

3. Microsoft

4. Amazon

5. Facebook

6. LG Electronics, Inc. (LG)

7. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Samsung Electronics)

8. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (Walmart Stores)

9. Google Inc. (Google)

10. AT&T

Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Services

There are a lot of high paying jobs available in the consumer services career path, below are some few examples of the 10 best paying jobs in consumer services career path.

1. Front Desk Agent

A front desk Agent job is one of the many jobs available in consumer services, with an average earning of $43,000 annually in the USA.

The job of a front desk Agent is to greet and serve customers arriving at a hotel.

Certificate and skill required:

There are not many certificate requirements, but you'll need to have at least a high school diploma if you ever want to choose this career path.

However, sometime you might need an associate's or bachelor's degree in any business administration, hospitality, or anything related to this field.

Skills required for a front desk job:
1. Ability to communicate fluently
2. You must be computer literate if you ever want to be hired as a front desk agent.
3. You must know some basic maths.
4. Must be able to handle cash well
5. Must know more about Guest services.
6. must possess sufficient knowledge of hospitality.

The average annual salary of a front desk agent: is $43,000.

2. Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives are those that answer questions asked by Customers.

They provide support through the use of mobile phones but sometimes face to face. Mainly through different communication means, like emails, live chat, text, calls, or social media.

Certificate & skills requirements:

A high school diploma or related field.

Moreover, you might need to get some job training, most times the training last for 2-4 weeks.

For a customer service representative who deals with finance and insurance, you may need to provide a license issued by the state.

Skills required:

1. Must be Bilingual, which means the ability to speak different languages.

2. Must know some important basic math.

3. You must be a computer skilled person.

4. You Must be able to handle cash appropriately.

5. You need to get knowledge on automotive diagnostic.

The average annual salary of a customer service representative in the United States: is $60,276.

3. Call centers representative

A Call center representative job is one of the many jobs that are available in consumer services.

The job of a call center representative is to handle any request, complaint, or inquiry made by Customers through the use of calls.

Certificate and skills required:

You must at least possess a minimum of a High school diploma or college degree.

4. Retail Sales Associate:

Retail sales associates are those that work in stores where they sell different types of merchandise, like clothes, cars, cosmetics, books, furniture, and all other merchandise.

The job of a retail sales associate is still one of the best jobs available in consumer services.

meanwhile, the qualifications for the job of a retail sales associate are:
1. Good English
2. Bilingual.
3. Must deeply understand basic math.
4. You have to improve your communication skills.
5. Must have a vibrant and flexible Cash handling quality.

5. Receptionist: $48,000 per year

Receptionists are those who specialize in pleasing customers In the best possible way,

like nicely greeting the customer, giving directives, answering phone calls, and they also administrate many other functions as well.

A receptionist job is one of the many jobs available in consumer services.

Meanwhile, The job of receptionist also requires some skills and experiences, like clerical experience, computer skills, communication skills, Administrative experience e. t.c

A receptionist position also has nice pay as well with an average annual salary of $48,000 in the United States.

6. Cashiers:

The cashier is an expert who is experienced in the area of handling cash at any sales point, they work mainly in an established organization.

The job of a cashier is typically very important and one of the many jobs available in consumer services.

However, they are Some important skills you need to acquire like, cash handling, basic math's, computer literacy, and guest relations.

A cashier job is one of the highest paying jobs in consumer services with an average annual salary of $43,000.

7. Bank Clerk:

A Bank clerk who works in the bank and specializes in the area of handling cash.

Moreover, you'll need some good skills like Microsoft Excel, communication skills, and cash handling.

8. Supervisor:

A Supervisor is a person who works in an organization and carries out every laid down directive given to him by the managing director.

And the supervisor reports back to the managing director after completing the task assigned.

The function of a supervisor is to supervise and give directions to a specific set of people.

Meanwhile, you'll need to possess some significant skills, like analysis skills, data collection skills, bilingual, and account skills.

9. Consumer Relationship Manager:

A consumer relationship manager works in an organization, and they're typically based on relating with consumers,

Their work is to get detailed information about how a consumer feels about their products, equipment, or services.

A consumer relationship manager handles and manages the feedback of customers about a specific product or service.

Moreover, a consumer relationship manager earns a cool amount of money annually, their average annual salary in the United States is $59,000.

10. Multilingualism:

Multilingualism job is typically for those with the ability to speak multiple languages, which means speaking more than 2 languages.

However, Multilingualism's duties are to interact with consumers that speak different languages, mainly which is due to their ability to speak fluently with different languages.


Consumer services is a good career path that offers people various jobs opportunities in different sector/department.

However, in this post, we have discussed how many jobs are available in consumer services, and the 11 best jobs available in consumer services.

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