Email Marketing For Financial Advisors

Email marketing for financial advisors

Are you aware that a lot of people are looking for a true financial adviser?

Do you know email marketing will help you connect to a lot of new client.

So, in this post, I'll be discussing on email marketing for financial advisors, with a full step-by-step guideline to get started.

If that interest you then let's dive in.

Firstly, I'll like you to understand what email marketing means and why it matters in our world today.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a means of marketing through the aid of emails to sell a product, idea, or service.

Email marketing has been existing for many years now, which has been a source of massive sales for people,

And it has also produced successful marketing campaigns for people with different marketing goals.

According to top online marketers, email marketing is still the best and also the most productive means of marketing to achieve extraordinary success.

So, as for a financial advisor that is aiming to start a successful email marketing campaign, then you've to follow the steps below, without missing any part.

Email Marketing for financial advisors (step-by-step guide)

Step 1: Outline A perfect marketing goal:

Outlining a perfect marketing goal means deciding on the main purpose, and different goals you aim to achieve with the email campaign that you're about to start.

Any company/personal business that is into email marketing, must always set their main goals before they start any email marketing campaign.

this will make them spend time on what matters.

As for a financial adviser who is hoping for a positive result from his/her email marketing campaign,

Your main goals should be:

1. To get a new client

2. To educate the old client

3. And to gain authority as a business.

1. To get new clients:

Getting new prospects is one of the main goals a financial advisor needs to achieve.

A lot of people are out there looking for someone to give them a piece of financial advice, that will change their current financial status.

So, with your email marketing campaign, you can aim to give out vital information, mainly to influence people who are suffering from a lack of financial ideals.

Moreover, this will make them interested in what you offer, because it can help them achieve their financial dreams.

2. To educate old clients:

This is by Carrying your old client along with the latest financial trends, by doing this it would make them come back to seek for your advice.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to keep old clients, Which is what has made email marketing stand out ahead of all other marketing systems,

However, even with the new development of social media to carry the Audience along, email marketing remains miles ahead of social media.

When you educate your old client through email marketing, they'll most likely want to reach out to you again when they come across an email you sent that interests them.

3. To gain authority as a business:

Email marketing is one of the best means of gaining authority as a business, That is why we have listed it as part of the goal a financial advisor needs.

Some of the benefits of gaining authority as a business are:

1. Your old Customers/clients will refer new people to you.

2. People will begin to know you for who you're, and what you can offer.

3. Your business will stand out ahead of your competitors.

Step 2: create your marketing plan/strategy:

Creating your marketing plan is the second Important step you need to take to begin a successful email marketing for financial advisors.

To create a marketing strategy, You need to analyze some important fact of email marketing which are:

The marketing aim/goal you set for your business.

The type of audience you want to get.

The total amount of resources you have.

The amount of money you're willing to spend.

The place Your business is located.

The different Types of the problem your audience are suffering from

When you consider this attribute listed above, you'll be able to create your marketing strategy properly.

The main purpose of creating a marketing strategy is, it will allow you to create a clear plan, this will enable you to take the right step.

Step 3: set up a website for business:

Setting up a website for your business will make your audience easily have access to connect with you, in addition they'll also be able to learn more about your services easily.

Moreover, if you're using email marketing tools like builderral, you don't have to spend excessive money on creating a site for your business.

Builderral offers free access to hosting a website for your business on their site, that's after you've paid the one-time monthly fee.

But, if you're not using tools like builderral or if you prefer to create a website on an external host, then you can hire someone to do the job for you.

One of the best ways to find someone to create a website for you is by hiring someone on Fiverr.

Meanwhile, On Fiverr, you'll find different top web developers, who can help you create a website for your business at a cheap rate.

However, Without a website, it would be difficult for your clients or prospects to find you online, these is why you need to create a website for your business.

Step 4: Choose the best email marketing tools

To choose the best email marketing tools you'll need to consider a lot of things.

Because the email marketing tools Are what will make the marketing process easier and faster.

Things to consider before choosing an email marketing tools:

1. marketing budget

2. Business size

3. credibility

4. Tools offers/package

1. marketing budget :

The marketing budget you've set to spend on your email marketing campaign matters because they're other Important things you still have to spend money on.

So, once you want to choose an email marketing tool, you need to consider the price that you'll have to pay for the tool, and if it is conducive to your budget.

However, they're still other things like website, content writer (if needed), and email list which you'll most likely still spend money on.

2. Business size:

Your business size is the number of audiences you have, this works in alliance with the type of tools and packages you'll have to pay for.

If your audience size is small then you can choose the email tools that best suit your audience and the package that works best for your audience size.

3. credibility:

The tools you want to choose must some good numbers of reviews from past users.

This tells that they're capable of doing what you want, and hopefully you don't get to face any issues while using the tools.

4. Tools offers/ package:

When you want to choose an emailing tool you need to consider the package you want to choose.

This also depends on what you'll have access to when you pay for that particular package.

Step 5: Create your business email list:

Your business email list is those who have subscribed to receive emails from your business.

You might be wondering how can I create an email list,

However, Creating an email list is not too difficult, you just have to choose any of the options below.

1. indulging in paid ads.

2. social media followers.

3. website.

Although there's the option to buy an email list, I will not advise anyone to buy an email list if ever you want the best for your email marketing campaign.

Because you don't know if the email list you want to purchase is still active or how effective it might be.

1. indulging in paid ads :

This is when you pay an ad company like Facebook ads, or Google ads, to run a paid ads campaign to get an email list.

paid ads are still the fastest ways to build your email list without stress.

moreover, they're different places to run paid ads campaigns to build your email list. below are some options:

1. Facebook ads

2. Google ads

3. Twitter ads

4. LinkedIn ads

5. Instagram ads, etc.

However, you just have to choose one place you know you can get quality email list.

in my own opinion, Facebook ads is a good place to build your email list.

Facebook ads have some special features and different ads format, moreover, they charge lesser compared to Google ads.

The best ad format to choose on Facebook for a financial advisor, who's looking to build your email list is, lead ads, it's still the best option right now.

with lead ads, you can easily collect prospect email lists, even without owning a site.

2. social media followers:

if you have a large audience on your social media accounts, you can easily create a call to action copy, just to get your social media audience emails.

With this, they'll become part of your email list.

3. website :

website is also one of the ways to build an email list, that's if you have one.

But if you're just building your business website, just note that you can also use your website to collect your audience emails.

You might have come across a website whereby after a few seconds on the site, something just popped up with a form to collect people's email addresses.

This is one of the best practices to build your email list as a financial advisor.

step 6: prepare a very catchy content:

Content is a very Vita part of your email marketing campaign because the content is what your email subscribers will get to read before taking any action.

So, you need catchy content that will make your audience take action.

moreover, you don't need to write the content yourself, you can also hire a copywriter on Fiverr or Upwork, to create the perfect content for you.

some types of content you need to create in email marketing for financial advisors are:

1. informative content:

These types of content are used to pass information about your specific service, or product that is related to your niche,

or whatever you think would be helpful to your email subscribers.

2. Sales content:

This is content that is sent to your email list to take a specific action, which is mainly to get a new client for a financial advisor.

3. Educative content:

These type of email content is used to educate your email list and it will also help the sender earn respect from its subscribers.

Content is one of the main power in email marketing, moreover, if you get every other step right, and you fail to get your email content right. Your email marketing campaign will never be successful.

Content is very important just like every other step above.

Step 7: Testing and trying different strategies:

This is when you begin to try different email marketing strategies, to see the one that works best for your type of audience.

It is only after you have tried different email marketing Strategies, That you can determine the one that worked best for the audience.

so, once you've found the best email strategy that worked best, then you can begin to take advantage of that email strategy to improve your business.

However, you'll need the tracking record of your emails to be able to determine what went well.

That's why we recommend that you purchase email marketing tools that can track every email you send.

In Summary of email marketing for financial advisors

Email marketing for financial advisors is one of the best ways to take your business to the next level.

Most of the top businesses/companies, won't have gotten to where they are without the help of email marketing,

These is why it is a good option for a financial advisor, who's hoping to expand his business.

so, if you ever want to get started with email marketing as a financial advisor,

You'll need to follow every step in this post to accomplish this.

if you need more information about email marketing,

then you can visit our contact us page or use the comments section below this post to reach us.

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