B2B Email Marketing Best Practices

Your b2b email campaign might be struggling to yield good results, however, in this post, I'll be discussing b2b email marketing best practices.

Email marketing doesn't seem to be leaving anytime soon, even after the recent social media development email marketing still comes out on top,

this tells why we need to continue using email marketing by creating a perfect b2b email marketing strategy.

So, in today's post, I'll be talking on

b2b email marketing best practices, and how it can become a source for massive success.

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B2B Email Marketing Best Practices (step by step Guide)

Step 1: Captivate on Link tracking

Step 2: Adding lead magnetic Image

Step 3: Create a Perfect heading

Step 4: Using AIDA to hold readers' attention

Step 5: Short form email

Step 6: Direct email

Step 7: Testing different strategies.

Step 1: Captivate on Link Tracking


You may ask why I used the tracking as the first point, it's because some people fail to create accurate details of which of their emails got a click and how the person reacted.

When Sending out emails to a business most times it's always great to add a tracking link, so you'll know the particular email which got a click.

Although it might not bring in sales immediately, however you'll easily understand what that business needs and what attracts them most.

The benefit of link tracking

1. Link tracking helps a business to identify what is working for them

2. Link tracking helps a person to easily know what the reader enjoys or wants to see.

3. Link tracking help people know if there's a need for content adjustment.

For example, a ( tools site) has sent out a couple of emails to an affiliate company for a partnership,

However, the only email that got a click was the one that included their affiliate earning/benefit and an infographic image.

With the tracking info, the tools website will understand what the affiliate company wants to see, and they'll also be able to leverage that email strategy, maybe with an improved offer to cement a partnership with the affiliate company.

Step 2: Adding Lead Magnetic Image

Image is a powerful part of an email, most especially an infographic image.

The image helps people understand the content better, mostly when it's an infographic image.

Image is great in an email it always draws attention also, which is why image also helps in b2b email marketing best practices.

Step 3: Email Heading

Email heading is one of the best B2B email marketing pratice you must get ríght, The heading part of a mail can easily draw the attention of people.

Most business men receives a lot of emails daily, which shows why it is important to make the heading of your email stand out.

Creating a perfect heading doesn't mean adding misleading information to the heading. It means heating the main point, that you think will draw the attention of the reader.

For example, an AI writing tools company sent an email to a blogger and used this heading

"please your content strategy needs an upgrade"

The blogger will definitely pay attention to and be pushed to see what the email is all about.

The Heading part of your email can make you stand out in email marketing, the heading is one of b2b email marketing best practices.

Step 4: Using AIDA To Hold Readers Attention

AIDA is among the best email marketing It might seem awkward, however, the AIDA strategy also works in email marketing.

[A- attention I- interest D- desire, A-Action.]

These four content strategies can form a perfect lead magnetic write-up for your email.

AIDA is used by copywriters and affiliate marketers to make people take a specific action. Aid is also a great b2b email marketing best practice that you can try out.

Step 5: Short Form Email

Writing short-form emails is also a good b2b email marketing best practice.

Moreover, I've said discuss using infographic images, which will work best with short-form emails.

Short-form email means trying to pass out the main information with short-form content.

Businesses are also busy set people who barely check all their emails, and might also find it discuss to read long-form emails which is why long-form emails work best in business-to-business email marketing.

Another good thing about short-form emails is you'll spend a lesser time writing the copy compared to writing tog-form emails.

Step 6: Direct Email

Direct emails are emails you send directly as a business looking to link up with another business.

Although I said short-form emails and using AIDA works beast, but you can also give this a try because some business model might not work the way you expect.

Some people prefer direct email than trying to use a write-up to persuade them to take action.

The direct email looks more official and will add a bit more respect to the sender, direct emails are also the same as formal letters.

Moreover, you can still use the other strategy of sending out emails, but in some cases, direct emails work better.

Step 7: Testing Different Email Strategies

You won't be able determine if an email campaign went well or wrong until you  try using a different email strategy.

Testing is also one of the b2b email marketing best practices.

Testing helps you to decide which strategy works best for you.


This b2b email marketing best practices are tested and trusted.

email marketing is still working for many people, though not everyone, which is mainly due to their lack of knowledge of email marketing best practices.

In this post, I've covered b2b email marketing best practices which will help you come up with flying colors.

As a business or company email is still the best way to reach out to another business, there's always great respect in email marketing.

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