5 steps to answer unfamiliar technical questions during interview

Answering technical questions you don't know during job interview might be very difficult.

However, in this post, I'll show you 5 simple ways to answer technical questions you don't know.

So, stick to the end of this post and follow every step.

How to answer technical questions you don't know during a job interview

In this part, I'll show you the 5 simple steps I promised at the beginning of the post that will help you answer technical questions you don't know during the job interview


1. Settle your mind and rethink:

Most time when people say they don't know something, it is a result of them not having a settled mind.

The tension and fear in some people's minds during interviews would normally make them lose concentration and do the wrong thing or say the wrong answer.

However, when You settle your mind down, you'll be able to re-think and analyze the question properly.

The mind is a very important part of the body connected directly to the brain, and we need to always avoid unnecessary fear or panic because it can lead to poor thinking and other health damages.

Moreover, the question could be something you Know, however, due to the unsettled mind, you were unable to come up with the right answer.

A job interview is never a place to panic or develops unnecessary tension because it would never help you, it will only cause you more harm.

2. Don't say a wrong answer:

It's better to admit that you don't know the answer to something than to start coming up with the wrong answer all because you're trying to prove yourself or do more than you know.

Moreover, No one will hold you if you don't know the answer to a question, and that doesn't mean you'll lose the job.

Instead of trying to put out a wrong answer, it is better you just tell the questionnaire that you don't know it.

However, try to make your reply a bit more professional, by saying:

[ I couldn't come up with the answer now, but I know with further research I should be able to answer this question in full detail].

The employer will feel a sign of belief and self-confidence in you, which can also make you the perfect person for the job, cause no one knows who your competitors are and how good they're.

3. Talk In boldness:

Boldness makes you stand out and gives your employer some sign of belief that you're capable of doing the job.

All Employers love people who are very bold because it shows that the person is confident in what he/she can do.

Although, talking in boldness will not guarantee you the job, it will put you in a better position compared to a person that was shy or afraid.

Moreover, Talking in fear or shyness will limit your chance of getting the job, in addition to the fact that you didn't answer the technical questions.

4. Speak out loud:

Many people during interviews would be feeling shy or scared and it will always make them unable to speak aloud.

Occasionally the interviewer might find it difficult to hear what they are saying properly, this can also weaken their chance of getting hired.

You don't have to let illegal fear take over your voice or make you sound like you were forced to come to the interview.

The best thing is always to speak loud, this would increase your chances of getting the job even though you were unable to answer some technical questions.

moreover, speaking loud doesn't mean being too lousy or shouting at the top of your voice.

5. Avoid talking too much:

Some people are fond of mumbling unnecessary things to cover for their mistakes.
This won't change anything, it will only worsen the case.

Always make sure you go straight to the point, and stop trying to cover for an error with something that's not related to the question you are asked.

There's no sense in trying to do more than yourselves just to convince the interviewer, it won't change anything.

Be moderate and straightforward in your speech, use your best accent.


In summary, there's little you can do when you don't know the answer to a question, the best thing is to comport yourself and feel free.

in this post, I've discussed How to answer technical questions you don't know during a job interview in 5 simple ways.

It will help you make Important decisions during difficult times.

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